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Lisa Cavezza Coaching
Bay Area California

Executive Function for ADD/ADHD, LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent Young Adults. 

Currently offering online and in person sessions.

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Office hours: Monday – Thursday
60 minute sessions
$160 per hour (private pay only)

Build Habits for Success


"I love Lisa! She was an amazing homework coach and brought total positivity into our home. My dyslexic son went from the bottom of his class to the top, in part with Lisa’s coaching, and is now a PhD student at UC Irvine in Physics! I could not be more appreciative of Lisa’s help with my son and her great spirit, which continues to be infectious for our entire family!"

M Harris
Woodside CA

"Lisa was very helpful as a life coach for our daughter in her early 20s who was looking for direction. She worked on organization skills as well as social skills and personal/life skills. She was positive and communicated well with me (the mother) on what issues still needed additional attention. She was invaluable in giving our daughter confidence and gently pushing her towards achieving new goals."

Anne L
Atherton CA

"Lisa has made a huge difference in my son's life. Lisa provided the organization that enabled him to successfully complete college and gain employment. It's hard to imagine how it would have turned out without her dedicated help."

Peter M
Sunnyvale CA

"Lisa is absolutely amazing! She worked with my child through High School and into College, set them up with and coordinated with a great tutor! I couldn't recommend her more!"

Eva W
Redwood City CA

"I feel so fortunate to have such an amazing life coaching experience with Lisa Cavezza. Our weekly sessions have really helped me excel in my large landscaping business. The experience has been a game changer in my life, and propelled my business to new heights. Not to mention her incredible dedication to problem solving and she's one of the nicest people I've ever had to the pleasure of knowing. I highly recommend working with her."

Carole E

"Lisa helped care for my daughter and also was a life coach for her for several years. There was no person other than her that my daughter responded to and loved as much as Lisa. She is loving and caring but knew how to set the limits which my daughter truly respected and needed. Lisa is excellent at what she does and should be commended for a job well done. She instilled the love and importance of family and good friends in my daughter’s life. These important traits will hopefully help her focus on the transition to becoming a happy and successful adult."

Joanne I

"I have known Lisa since College. I was recommended to her by a psychologist as I was going through a hard time and I needed help. She is phenomenal and I highly recommend her. I have now graduated and I still see her."

Nick R
San Jose

"I would not have the work experience I have today without Lisa Cavezza. She gave me a job when I didn't think I was capable of keeping one. Through her I got to learn through experience without micromanaging and not picking."

Erika P
Mt View CS

"I was in a difficult place and directionless at college. After meeting Lisa, she helped me get my life back on track and get a job. I owe a lot to her and highly recommend her services."


"Lisa’s work with these special young adults is so inspiring. We saw it first hand when her actions instilled confidence and enthusiasm in our daughter. Part of this plan was through physical activity. But more learning came from Lisa being affectionate and respectful with her. Lisa always has a positive attitude and is encouraging to others without being pushy or parental. She excels at persistence and teaching resilience by capitalizing on strong interests and keeping instructions clear. She always has a cute sense of humor and is able to joke with her clients. Lisa modeled strong social skills and helped our daughter respond more appropriately in social situations. She was also able to address her learning difficulties by technology and creating a schedule. She created a safe space for our daughter to share feelings and requests. She is wonderful at communicating with teachers, therapists, other autism professionals who were able to help our daughter too. As my daughter got older, she helped with independent living and transitions after high school and when she returned home from Inpatient Programs. Today she is living on her own and her support person mainly provides reassurance regarding the changes that are coming into her life. This is a support program we learned from Lisa. Lisa was a life saver... and a life changer. She helped our daughter understand herself and helped us understand her. "

Emily T
Lisa Cavezza Coaching

I can Help...

• Prepare for Job Interviews

• Researching Job Options

• Practicing Interview Questions

• Completing Applications

• Help Shopping for Appropriate Interview Clothing


Do you, or your child struggle with motivation, focus, follow through, organization, planning, getting started, procrastination, distractions, remembering details, decision making, responsibility and or difficult time studying? If so you’ve reached the right person.

I can help with…

• Putting Things in the Calendar / Checking Calendars

• Creating To Do Lists

• Breaking down Lists into Manageable pieces


Coaching to:

• Help with Organization

• Manage Distractions

• Set Goals and Attain Them

• Time Management

Social Skills for Individuals with Autism or on the spectrum

• Practicing Social Behaviors

• Greetings and Departures

• Awareness of the importance of back and forth dialogue in social conversations

• Support around how to demonstrate empathy in a social conversation

• understand when sarcasm is being used


I’m especially passionate about supporting individuals who are experiencing gender transition. I work closely with the doctors and educational consultants. 

Lisa Cavezza
Lisa Cavezza

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